Christmas Reindeer Gift Bag

Simple and Gorgeous Christmas Gift Bag


Do you buy Gift bags?  This is a very easy little bag to make and its super cute and perfect for finishing a gift.

Christmas Reindeer Gift Bag

You'll need

  • Paper Bag
  • Brown or Gold Card
  • Googly eyes
  • Fabric Scrap or Paper for bow and nose
  • Ribbon and pom pom to finish your bow and nose
  • Glue


How to

Cut out your Antlers and ears from your gold or brown card.  Glue your Antlers at the back of the bag and the ears facing the front on the first side fold.

Cut out your fabric or paper to form your bows or nose

Top the bow with your ribbon or pom poms. You can see we also added a little bell to some.

Glue on you googly eyes


All done! Perfect for holding your special gifts


Christmas Reindeer Gift Bag

















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