Christmas Card Clip

 A gorgeous clip made from Ribbon and pegs for an easy Christmas mail garland


A Christmas garland is easy with these little tree clips made easily with ribbon and pegs.

This Craft was fairly easy to make you just need ribbon, hot glue gun and some wooden clothes peg.  Also a long piece of ribbon or string for your Christmas cards to be pegged to to form your garland.

Christmas Craft peg clip


1. Glue a length of ribbon down one side of your peg. I used tape to hold down the ends till the glue dried. 

2. Cut and loop six pieces of ribbon to form your tree branches. Use a dap of glue to secure.

3. Start from the top and glue down one side three of your tree branches. Once the are secure. Glue the other side by placing the looped part on top of the side already glued.

4. Top your tree with one of these cute little pre made bows.





Christmas Craft Peg Card Garland




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+1 # Sheridan Anne 2014-09-01 20:38
Adorable!! I love this simple but super effective Christmas craft.
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