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Fabric Topiary tree Christmas craft 

Christmas Craft using Fabric and Embellishments


I love a little Christmas crafting and I love even more a little Christmas Crafting Challenge.

I'm participating in a Blogger Christmas Craft Challenge with the lovely ladies from Sarah Lauren and Fabric Fusion.

Here is what we have to work with.



Over the next few weeks we will all be posting up our challenge craft items on to a Pinterest board that you can find here.  Be sure to repin and love heart the ones you love.


Christmas Fabric Topiary and Embellishments.

Now i do like this. It does look cute i wish my photography skills and lighting were much better but you can see where i went with it. 

Also i think i'll buy some more little shiny embellishments and put them all over, what do you think ? 


Here is how it happened

You'll need:

A Styrofoam Cone (tree) i suggest not giving it to your toddler to hold.

Scrap Christmas fabrics.  To base coat the whole tree

Scissors and PVA glue

Fabric for your tree - I used the fabric from Fabric Fusion in the challenge pack and some complimenting scrap i had stashed

Embellishments - These came from Sarah Lauren in the challenge pack. 



Firstly cover the whole tree in fabric so there is no Styrofoam showing. Leave to dry.

Now to cut circles from your fabric. You really don’t need a lot depending on the size of your tree.  For this 18cm tree i used :

30 x 4cm diameter circles

31 x 3cm diameter circles

31 x 2cm diameter circles


Once you have them all cut out simply glue the middle and smaller one on to the large ones and leave to dry a while. They dont have to be completley dry to keep going just enough so they dont slide down.  Boil the kettle and make a cup of tea and they should be good to go.

Then it is just a matter of gluing them on.Start around the bottom and do one full around the base

Then i chose to go up instead of around so it didnt look so precise but you could go around and around by layer it would be more even.  I went up the tree and didnt really have any gaps though i did slide a few around to fit.

When you get to the top i just added the extra 3cm and 2cm circles and glued them in the top.

Now for the pretty Rhinestone Embellishments it really does finish the tree and the more i look at it the more i think i need a few more. Maybe not fill it but a few. You simply just glue them on where ever you like.

So much freedom in this craft, you could even precut the circles and give it to one of the kids to create.  i'd like to get a couple more of them and make a few of them standing together.  It would be a nice fairly toddler proof centrepiece.

Thanks to Sarah Lauren and Fabric Fusion,  I can't wait to show you my next challenge masterpiece.



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