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Twister 50th Anniversary Game

50 years of Right Foot on Red


Its a game we've all played and one lots of us have owned at some time growing up but can you believe Twister is 50 this year?

50 Years of Twister!

The television ad from my childhood starts playing in my head whenever i even think of the game "Twister will tie you up in a knot"   and that it does.  Actually if you have some time there are a couple of cool 60s, 70s and 80s versions of the television adverts on you tube.

Did you know it was originally called King Footsie? 

 Actually its an interesting history...

Basically the toy inventor Reyn Guyer developed the game in 1964 and it was rejected by 3M.   

Fortunately he didn't give up he hired two game developers who rearranged the dots and change some rules and they renamed it Pretzel.  They presented the game to the Milton Bradley Company who accepted it but renamed it Twister.

Twister was released in 1966 and didn't go so well, retailers weren't keen as they felt it was inappropriate to encourage customers to get tangled on a mat together.

well when you put it like that ...

Twister was soon pulled from shelves and advertising cancelled.

They had one TV appearance still booked that would then change this game night staple's history overnight.

An appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson where during the show Johnny Carson joined his celebrity guest Eva Gabor on the floor of the TV set to play the Twister game!  

There was a Twister tornado the next day with customers apparently lining up at stores in New York hoping to buy the game.

by 1967 more than 3million Twister games had been sold.

In 1985 Hasbro acquired the Milton Bradley Company and from there the Twister game brand evolved with many variations of dance, scram, hopscotch and hoops released over the years.

in 2015 Twister was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame.


In the game of Twister, the spinner announces to move a hand or foot and to which colour. The challenge is to keep your hands and feet on the mat!

Right foot red!  Left foot green!

If your knee or elbow touch the mat or your fall onto the mat then you are out.

Be the last person standing to win!


There are two new moves added to the game - Spinners Choice and Air. With Spinners Choice, the spinner makes up a move for the player to do. If the spinner lands on Air, the player must put that hand or foot in the air - Its a lot harder than you think.

The Spinners Choice added some tricky fun to the game for us.  Like Right foot tapping red!  or left hand blue whilst whistling Happy Birthday.  How about right foot green whilst saying your eight times tables!!

We've had lots of fun playing Twister and do look forward to many more games - during the school holidays, over Christmas, parties, vacation or when friends come to play.

Thank you to Twister for including us in your 50th Year Celebrations, we look forward to playing for decades to come.