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Everything Star Wars is Hot again, There is an amazing amount of merchandise and Star Wars themed just about everything.  If you haven't seen it you would still know there is a new movie out Star Wars The Force Awakens well this story is a prequel.

Star Wars  Before The Awakening  Review

The new movie has the characters Rey, Poe and Finn battle together against the evil first order, this book sets up how they came together and what they were doing.  My thirteen year old son devoured this in one night, he really enjoyed the story and hadn't seen the movie yet.   He also doesn't think you need to see the movie to read this at all, but if you did see the movie it might answer some questions for you.

The book is based on the three characters and is pretty much three separate stories, setting up the characters. 

Rey was a lonely scavenger on the desert planet Jakku. It demonstrates her character and shares on her desire to find her parents.
Poe was a hotshot pilot for the Republic. Running a mission for General Organa
And Finn was just FN-2187, a promising but wary storm trooper in training. This has some key points into Finns character and about his defecting.

The book is 224 pages and is recommended 8+ although my son said he thought more like 10+ because there was a few harder words and it was quite small writing and lots of pages.  My 7 1/2 year old keen reader and Star Wars fan wasn't keen to read it, but did enjoy listening to it.  Full of interesting information for Star Wars fans, setting of scenes and planets and a bit of battle action.


Star Wars before the awakening






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