Australias Little Big Things Book Review

An educational, hands on, surprising and clever book



This is book is brilliant entertainment!  Its so much more than just a story and the whole family have enjoyed having a read and doing an activity from the book.

"The Little Book of Australia's Big Things"

 Illustrated by Alice Oehr 


Want a way to keep the kids busy for ages with some easy kids recipes, some crafts,jokes, fun facts and lots of information on some of Australia's favourite geographical icons ?   Check out this book.


We're all big fans of the big things in Australia the natural and the man made. This book (and i hope there is a second one)  covers 10 of the 150+ man made sculptures from around the country. 


Australias Little Big Things Book Review

Animals, people and musical instruments make up the 10 icons each with three pages dedicated to it.  Most of them come with a craft that you cut out from the book. A step by step with images easy recipe and a ton of information and fun facts.

Do you know the height of The Big Golden Guitar?

Do you know what Ned Kelly's last meal was?

Do you know how many leaves a Koala eats in a day ?

All fun things to see, read and learn!


This book we think is suited to early school years so 5 - 7yrs but we have all had fun making the crafts, drinking pineapple smoothies and laughing at the funny jokes.


The whole book is full of illustrations by Alice Oehr, every page is a jam pack colourful display of Australian things! 

This fun new release is available now in leading bookstores.





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