Meet the new "Lola's Toy Box" Book Series


"Lola's Toy Box" is a gorgeous new series written for new readers looking for their first big chapter book.  Written by Danny Parker, the stories follow Lola and her friend Buddy on some fabulous adventures. Lola is given an old toy box and she discovers she can travel to a magical Toy Kingdom where they toys live.

"Lola's Toy Box"  Childrens Book Series

By Danny Parker.  Illustrated by Guy Shield.

We have read two books of the series and are so looking forward to reading the next two.  I like how the books are about problem solving and the problems that Lola has in real life are very similar to the ones in the Kingdom that she is able to help resolve.   The stories are suitable for children around six or seven years with the words, story and topics all very easy to relate to.

"Lolas Toy Box" Childrens Chapter series by Danny Parker

We have read "On The Story Sea" and "The Patchwork Picnic" which we all loved.  We look forward to finding "The Treasure Trove" next.  We did think they'd appeal to girls more. My seven year old son totally loved the stories, he enjoyed me reading the stories but refused to read it himself because they were "for girls".   They are fun and exciting adventures that have been well illustrated throughout, which the kids loved looking at and studying.

KidsTake Five - Miss 7 -  "I loved the Picnic book. I read it all, i just kept reading"

Great new series that I am sure lots of kids are going to enjoy.  5 - 8 depending on reading ability. If you need a gift for a girl who is a youngish reader one of this collection would be perfect.  Available now in leading book stores

Lola's Toy Box Series Review



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