Closer To Nature Electric Steam Sterliser Review


The Closer To Nature Electric Steam Steriliser is perfect for when you need to use feeding equipment or accessories as soon as possible, or to prepare them to use later.  It is really quick which is essential for that moment you realise you havent sterilised yet.

I was given a sterliser to try and to share my thoughts.

Closer To Nature Electric Steam Sterliser

The electric steriliser has a large interior space and can hold up to six Closer to Nature bottles at a time, along with smaller accessories. It is a really sleek design and i was suprised at how little space it takes up compared to other sterilisers. This Closer to Nature steriliser includes a Closer to Nature's bottle, a Closer to Nature soother and a pair of teat tongs to lift bottle teats out of the steriliser and prevent contamination.

Its a great little starter pack. i'd reccomend getting the closer to nature bottles aswell if you are getting this steriliser  i did have some other brand bottles some fit, some didnt but if you have the set everything will fit right.

I have used this product for a few months now and have found it to work well no probs at all, it cleans easy, takes up less space than the other i had and its less bulky.


Product Features:

  • Items stay sterile for up to 24 hours
  • Offers quick 5 minute sterilising phase
  • Holds 6 Closer to Nature bottles
  • Includes: Closer to Nature bottle, soother and teat thongs
  • Weighs: 1.9kgs
  • Product dimensions: 32.8 x 25 x 22.1cm


closer to nature sterliser review



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