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 I had a very positive expirience with Helpling and couldnt fault it however i did have two close friends (who havent commented below)  that took my reccommendation and booked with Helpling.  Both didnt have an expirience because they didnt show. There was no notifications and there was very little response or satisfaction from Helpling on their senarios. 

Please be aware before going ahead with your booking.


I have a few times now tried to get in touch with my contact at Helpling and they did not reply to my emails.


Original Post:

Someone to clean your home for you ... wouldn't that be nice?!

This is a review of the Helpling Cleaning Booking Service, providing customers with the local and registered cleaning businesses.

Well you know, it is possible.  For $29 set price an hour; which is pretty reasonable, thats less than a takeaway family meal.  You can buy yourself some needed time and someone to come clean your home.  Money well spent to me.

Helpling are the service that takes the hassle out of finding and booking the cleaner!  All you do is book it on their website and there is now a mobile app so you can book it nice and quick on your phone. Five minutes of time on the site, if that and its all done!

Helpling are the booking service that handles it all.  They interview, check insurance, police check, and business checks of the cleaners and they even find the cleaner for you and send you an email confirmation of their name and times booked. You pay when you make the booking so no need to remember to leave money or transfer on the day.  You can book in advance to a time that suits you.

Helpling were kind enough to offer me a home clean to see what i thought of their services. Here is my experience.

Before the Clean

The booking on the website was really easy. I didn't have any concerns at all about the website it was all very clear and easy to do.

  • There are guides to help you determine how much time you need for your space.
  • You can just click on the day and time required
  • You add in your details and any notes for the cleaner. 
  • Online payment is simple. Knowing there is no hidden costs its just $29hr, you just book what you need. minimum 2hrs.

I felt pretty confident with the company, they are already established in parts of Europe with their headquarters in Germany.  I was happy with the website and its security.

I received a confirmation email confirming my booking.  A few days later i received an email with the cleaners name and details of my booking.  A couple of days i received another email with a change of cleaner details.     From this i was a little concerned part of me thought oh i hope someone turns up the other part of me thought well at least i still have a booking and i don't need to find another cleaner  - that was a good pro of the service they handled that for me.

The Clean

My Cleaner was really friendly upon arrival, asked a few questions straight away. She brought her own mop and cleaning equipment all she asked for was the vacuum. 

I took the few hours and spent some quality interruption free, technology free, guilt free hours with my kids. We left the cleaner to it and knowing that those jobs were still being done i could just relax with the kids without the niggling i should be doing something feeling.

The clean was exactly what i was hoping and expecting.  Even the couple of things i was wondering if she'd do she did.  Everything was very thorough and my cleaner did go above and beyond. 

My cleaner was also very keen to ensure i was happy with her job, she asked me to go through and check if there was anything i needed done or wanted done again, there was nothing she'd done everything and more.  Totally worth the $29hr! 


I received an email after my cleaning asking for feedback and a star rating. short and sweet but I'm sure its useful to my cleaner and the Helpling service.

Would i use the service again?  Yes, i had a really positive experience, i couldn't fault the service, site or cleaner i was provided so yes i would certainly use the service again.  Its easy, hassle free, no hidden charges, no chasing or wasting time finding a cleaner. I can book whenever i need, once off, occasional or regularly.  I think its a great essential service to the cleaning industry.


You know its one of those things few of us have had the luxury to have.  I don't think i need a regular home cleaner i think we manage quite fine BUT you know every now and then i think i could use some extra help, help over those busy times of year, maybe just help me catch up when we get really busy which i know we all have those times.   

Maybe this year i will put a bit more balance into my life and make use of this service a few times. For the price of a dinner at a restaurant or a take away family meal i can organise hassle free cleaning of my home, gain a few hours to spend with my children and relax knowing my house is up to date.  Perfect for post school holidays, pre and post visitors, busy family times, mummy just needs a break times!

 Helpling would love to offer you a little love too!  

Book minimum two hours and recieve one hour FREE! 

Book on their website you need a minimum of two hours, then enter the code: mums15

Helpling are currently only Sydney based in Australia, you can check t

heir locations on their site.


 You can find Helpling here!  Thank you Helpling for providing such a nice expirience.



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+1 # ann 2015-01-11 15:23
thats a good idea to get for once off i could have used a cleaner once or twice when i had a baby but didnt go to the hassle of finding one what a good service idea
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+1 # chelsea 2015-01-11 15:24
instead of a massage i could book a cleaner with out the hassle and have my house cleaned. great way to spend my me time
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+1 # mandy 2015-01-11 15:25
i didnt know this was even around i will have to check they do my area
thanks for sharing
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+1 # Hope 2015-01-18 14:15
Great review. Yep, I need a cleaner. Might just take you up on this generous code offer you've got and book in a cleaning service.
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+1 # ann stuck 2015-01-20 08:57
so bummed they don't do my area!!
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+1 # Annie White 2015-03-12 13:39
I had a dreadful time with them. Would not recommend or use again. Much better to get a reliable cleaner who is flexible and will clean rather than just dust. All in all a pretty ordinary experience. I did my own cleaning after they left.
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+1 # lois 2015-06-15 00:01
I had the worst experience with Helpling. I booked them after reading this review, as I was renting out my apartment and was out of the country. For this reason I emphasised to Helpling how important it was they were at the apartment on time. Instead they never showed up and never even got in touch to let me know they weren't coming or hadn't ever done the clean. My guests let me know that the place hadn't been cleaned.
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+1 # Rachel 2015-09-08 20:49
I had a terrible experience with them. They told me the booking was cancelled then cleaners actually turned up. However the job they did was terrible. I spent ages going back and re leaning everything. When I complained they said I wouldn't have to pay the full amount but then they charged me anyway. Appalling customer service! Never again!!!!
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