Mosquitoes bother you ? Try these and keep them away

Mosquito's they seem to either love you or don’t.  I don’t really get bothered by them (must have yucky tasting blood)  but my daughter and my niece have a terrible time (they're sweet of course). I saw these Para'Kito bands on another site and thought they looked like a great idea. Chemical free and safe for young children to wear. Then Para'Kito people found me and offered to send me a couple to try.

What i love is the bands are well made and easy to use and the "pellets" are easy to manage and tuck away without any fuss.  I wore one to the zoo for a whole day and gardening for a day as well as many sporting events and totally forgot it was on.   I also received a "Colour Clip" one which honestly i thought why would you want one on a clip buuuuuuut then my one year old refused to wear the band and i thought ahhh that’s why!  i just clipped it to the side of the stroller, the handles of her trike or on her back pack and we were both happy.

The bands are make out of a wetsuit like material which washed really well, i just threw it in the machine (without the pellet obviously), The bands are fully adjustable, come in a wide range of colours and patterns.  Its a Polymer pellet infused with essential oils so its all natural and eco-friendly which makes me very happy to put on my children.  I also like that the pellet lasts 15 consecutive days so you can take it on holidays without any fuss.

We had really great results from using this product. We gave them a good workout and used them in circumstances that the children would normally get bitten and no one appeared to get bitten.  I'd happily recommend them for people to try, they're available from leading pharmacies, Australian airports and i have seen them in one of the bigger brand outdoor stores.  you can also get them from



The lovely people would love for three of our lovely readers to try them out too!

If you would like to win a little starter kit consisting of 1 Wristband or Clip ($24.95) and 1 Replacement Pellet Pack ($15.95)

All you have to do is comment below answering the question:

Where you would wear your Para'Kito Natural Mosquito protection band ?

Remember we have three to giveaway so enter below and your chances of trying them out are great.

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Thank you to the people of Para'Kito for letting us try the products. Disclosure policy type two

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0 # melanie t 2014-06-24 00:30
in the garden is where my kids seem to get bitten everytime
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0 # sasha 2014-06-24 00:31
BBQs and picnics. especially late in the afternoons. i get terrible bites
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+1 # Natasha Andrews 2014-06-28 12:18
Everywhere - BBQs, sporting events, sailing and camping - my poor Miss 7 gets eaten alive, she would be over the moon with this pack (and do would I)
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+1 # Joanne 2014-06-28 14:35
At our local dog park! The mozzies there are ferocious, enormous and apparently starving! The dogs don't seem to mind, but I must have tasted really good last time we were there. Never again without protection!
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+1 # songuk 2014-06-28 22:11
At my parents place, they live behind the famously disgusting, dirty fumping area Parramatta river which seems to be a mosquito breeding ground.
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+1 # emma lindsay 2014-06-29 00:11
My daughter would wear the Para'Kito natural mosquito protection band in bed as in the bad mozzy season she gets bitten alive and the bites swell up to big lumps on her body. She would also wear the band whenever we we were on holiday and defintely whenever outside at dusk time is BBQ/playground. This product would be be so fab for my little miss.
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+1 # Shelley@MoneyMummy 2014-06-29 18:33
Everywhere!!! Mosquitoes love to eat me!!
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+1 # Sheridan 2014-06-29 23:29
I am allergic and mozzies seem to have a RADAR for it and cover me in welts!! So I should wear these everywhere, but definitely for those BBQ's where we sit outside until all hours chatting with friends!
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+1 # sandy 2014-06-30 21:02
I would have my son wear it when eating dinner out on our back deck at dusk and when camping.
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