The Tuckshop is the trendiest tuck shop in town.


All the trendy people have been have you ?  We ducked over to The Tuckshop in Glenhaven to see what all the fuss was about and were more than pleasantly suprised. With the tagline "Where its not the city and you couldnt care less"  pretty much covers it exactly. Value for dollar and beautiful fresh food is all we ask and The Tuckshop more than delivers. 


We keep going back!   The coffee is great, service efficient and friendly.   Busy ?  yup yup they are best to go mid week grab one of the mats available to borrow and head over the driveway to the park.   The seating is really limited at the cafe and its not what i'd call kid friendly but if its fine the park is perfect.

We've tried the breaky, lingered over lunch and buried a couple of burgers. Its a tuckshop remember so theres no crockery its flashy carboard containers BUT the food is freshest, the menu fabulous and the servings pretty perfect.  

We'd love you to try the "Not so smooth green smoothie", the "Avo on Toast", Tomato Salad  and if you're really hungry go "the Lot Burger"

If you in the Hills District Go try it out you wont be disapointed (unless you're hoping to see Hindy we havent seen him yet) 


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