Monster Jam Adam Anderson Grave Digger  

Monster Jam® is heading our way again in 2016

 Like lots of kids and big kids my son loves Monster Jam®.  He has a collection of the trucks. He usually records its off TV and watches it a million times and re enacts the shows.   We even have our own home made Monster Jam track in the garden for all our Hot Wheels Monster Jam® trucks.   So you can imagine his absolute excitement to be given the opportunity to interview his idol Adam Anderson the driver of the very popular Grave Digger®  Monster Jam Truck.

Adam Anderson  is the crown ‘Prince' of Monster Jam, Adam grew up around Monster Jam trucks, watching father, and four time Monster Jam ® World Finals SM Champion, Dennis Anderson. Adam is a dual World Championship holder himself, and will be driving his father’s truck Grave Digger ® when Monster Jam ® comes to Australia very soon.

Thank you so much to Monster Jam for the opportunity and to Adam Anderson for his time to answer the most pressing questions from a seven year old fan.

 Our Interview with Monster Jam® favourite Adam Anderson driver of Grave Digger®

Monster Jam Grave Digger Adam Anderson

1. Did you always want to be a Monster Jam truck driver like your dad?

Adam Anderson: I did always want to be a Monster Jam driver like my dad. Before he even drove or built a truck he ran heavy machinery as a young man. I even did that too!


2. Are you and Ryan competitive to each other? Are you a better driver than Ryan?  (Ryan is Adam's brother and driver of Monster Jam Truck Son-uva Digger)

Adam Anderson: We are very competitive on the track and honestly I think we're very even as drivers even though I have four world championships.


3. What school subjects do you have to be good at to be a Monster Jam driver?

Adam Anderson: I think all, from the math you use to build the trucks and even theatre to be able to speak I front of 50,000+ fans.


4. Are you friends with lots of the other drivers off the track?

Adam Anderson: I can say that I'm very good friends all of the other Monster Jam drivers but it's a different story on the track.


5. Do you have another car?  Is it painted like Grave Digger?

Adam Anderson: I have nine trucks and not one is painted like Grave Digger! I do have a Grave Digger go-cart though!


6. Do you have any pre-race rituals?

Adam Anderson: I take a nap in the truck.


7. Have you ever been really injured while in your Monster Jam truck?

Adam Anderson: A few bumps and bruises but nothing major. Monster Jam trucks really safe, they’re basically built to crash.


8. What kind of practice do you undertake?

Adam Anderson:  I don't practice. The only practice I get is in front of all the Monster Jam fans. I even try new moves when it counts during an event.


9. What your favourite part of your job?

Adam Anderson: I love seeing how happy everyone is whether it is meeting them in person or the joy fans get out of seeing a Grave Digger truck get destroyed.


10. If you could do any other job in the world what would it be?

Adam Anderson: Professional fisherman.


Have to say my seven year old was a little disappointed hes going to need all his school subjects to be a future Monster Jam driver but all was forgiven when he realised that he had nine other trucks and a go cart!  


Monster Jam Adam Anderson Grave Digger

As i mentioned  Monster Jam® is on its way back to Australia.  All shows were sold out last year so they have book more locations and they are selling fasts so be sure to check it out soon.  The 2016 lineup includes a number of fan favourites, with ‘Grave Digger’, ‘Monster Mutt Dalmatian’ and ‘Max-D’ back to tear up the track, alongside new additions ‘Alien Invasion’, ‘Pirates Curse’ and the yellow ‘El Toro Loco’.

Standing nearly four metres tall and four metres wide, Monster Jam trucks are custom-designed machines that weigh around 5,500kgs. Built for short, high powered bursts of speed, the powerful Monster Jam® beasts perform breathtaking stunts and can accelerate from 0-100kph in under 3 seconds.  They literally fly – covering up to 50m in a single leap (a distance greater than 14 cars side by side) and up to 12m skywards.

Dates for this years tour are:

01 October – 7pm – QSAC, Brisbane

08 October – 2pm and 7pm – AAMI Park, Melbourne

15 October – 7pm – Adelaide Oval, Adelaide

22 October – 7pm – ANZ Stadium, Sydney

29 October – 2pm and 7:30pm – Domain Stadium, Perth

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit

Monster Jam Australia

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