Monarto Zoo - December 2013 Review


The Bus idea around the park and getting on and off at different viewing platform stations is a great one especially in Summer and with small children. The only hassle was folding the stroller up carrying it and the bags and the kids on and off all morning.   If i went in more suitable weather ie below thirty degrees I'd be tempted to walk the park. It is about 20 - 35 minutes walk between viewing platforms and you would need a fairly robust stroller if taking one.

The main street entrance is where you pay your entry then you drive approximately 2km to the actual zoo.  The Visitor Centre is the park entry. It also has the Reception, souvenir shop and Educational hands on area which the kids really enjoyed. There were lots of skins of animals to look at and touch. Not everyday you can pet an Echindna.  

Straight through the Visitors Centre there is the Bistro.  A well stocked cafe with the normal tourist attraction fare. It was really busy, well stocked and there were lots of undercover tables for patrons to use.  Alternatively you can take a byo picnic. There are many shaded or covered areas around the park should you want to take a sandwich (keep in mind you'll have to carry it around and on buses). We took a picnic lunch and left it in the car. You can go back into the park at any time from the car park.  Next to the car park is a great large grassed area with four really large and well covered picnic table areas with rainwater tanks attached to each. Handy to refill drink bottles.  

After refuelling we went back into the park and walked out to the Chimpanzees which are in a fabulous and extensive enclosure lots of viewing areas and lots of room for them both inside and out.  There is also a walk around Wallaby enclosure and Meerkats are located near the first bus stop.

Although there isn't as many types of animal as a regular city zoo there were about twenty five very different kinds of animals that you don't usually see like Bison, Zebras, Hyena and Onyx.  The Cheetahs and Lions were of course high on our list of must see but the huge White Rhino up close was really great. There are a few of each kind of animal which was good quite a few Ostrich and Giraffes. 

The buses got around the zoo and you get on and off at each viewing platform.  Each Platform has clean and nice unisex toilets and soft drink dispenser. I suggest you carry a water bottle around with you, it can be quite warm out in the sun. 

Really well planned and informative zoo. All the staff were friendly and there was lots of things to learn. 

I'd recommend getting there in the morning. Its about an hour drive from Adelaide. I'm glad we got there on opening by the time lunch came around and we had nearly done the zoo the car park was really full and there were lines for the buses.  

Entry is about $30 for an adult, children 4+ and concession are obviously a little cheaper.  We had Taronga Zoo Friends Member passes which gave us free entry into the zoo.  


note:  This post is not sponsored. we did not receive any compensation for this post. Just sharing our experience.



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