Looking for something different to do with the kids.   Canberra has "The National Dinosaur Museum" 


Its not the biggest of museums, only really one big room but it is great value for money and the kids LOVE it. A good way to spend a couple of hours.

There are lots of Dinosaurs inside and out and there is lots for them to interact with, sit on and touch.  

You get an activity page upon entry with questions to answer and at the end the explorers get a certificate and a tiny fossil to keep.  

There is even somewhere to park the Grandparents

Downstairs has an activity room which has lots puzzles in various sizes, a rock collection for you to explore and investigate and movies, maps and colour-ins to enjoy.

Outside has a great walk around path which was great for posing for photos with.

We found it very reasonably priced.

Lovely staff who are proactive with little visitors.

Lots of tours and information about and i loved the fact they could touch and hold so much. 

Bathrooms and Stroller friendly. No cafe.


In the Canberra Region soon - Have kids that love Dinosaurs it is worth the visit.


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0 # Hope 2014-03-27 18:09
Sounds great! Will add it to the list for when (if) we're ever in heavily boring Canberra ;)
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