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My chat with Melinda Gainsford-Taylor


Very privileged to have been given the opportunity to have a chat with the lovely Melinda Gainsford - Taylor. Its not often i get to have an Australian Athletic Champion at Mums Take Five so its pretty exciting.  Melinda - thank you xx and thank you to Kellogg's for the opportunity xx.

Kellogg's Grown Ups Go Free Budget Tips with Melinda Gainsford Taylor

School Holidays are here again and Mel explained how these days, juggling family time and w

ork is a lot easier now that her kids are a little older and don’t need to be looked after as much, “When they’re young, it’s a different busy! Nowadays I can go for a run in the morning and someone doesn’t have to be home.” In saying this, Mel admitted that her afternoons are insane as she juggles her busy coaching schedule with her children’s’ sporting commitments so recommends parents plan ahead! This couldn’t be more true in Christmas holiday time.

Mel described her experience as a mother, an athlete and a coach as a ‘balancing act’ and stresses the importance of clear and timely communication. As a family it’s just about sitting down and communicating to make sure it all works. Mel says that the ‘talking part’’ is very important!

With most Australian kids now on holidays, Mel is looking to do something a bit special and different with her children, discussing how as the kids get older and busier with their own lives, her and her husband Mark often miss out on doing something special with them as parents.

“As a child I remember things I used to do with my parents and I’ve noticed these days that sometimes our lives become so busy that we don’t get to really enjoy our children. I love going out for the day with my husband Mark and my kids Gabriella and Nicholas! Growing up in country Narromine meant that going to wildlife parks, aquariums or the bowling alley were a treat, and as a mum I love any excuse to relive those memories, but this time with my family."

Mel is thrilled with the Kellogg’s new Grown Ups Go Free campaign as it gives her the chance to take the kids to exciting places like Madame Tussaud’s and the Sydney Eye Tower.

“I see the joy families get when they are out and about, and I am proud to be taking part in the Kellogg’s Grown Ups Go Free campaign as the offer makes these outings a lot more affordable for Aussie parents.”

Kellogg’s Grown Ups Go Free campaign is giving shoppers one complimentary adult ticket when another adult or child ticket is purchased, with these tokens included on specially-marked cereal boxes. “I think the financial burden of taking the whole family out for an experience can definitely hold many families back, so the Kellogg’s campaign offers a great excuse to have a family day out and as the kids get older it makes for great memories, and with the vouchers valid right through until June 2016, seeing something new and exciting”.


Mel offered some great budget hacks for parents wanting to take the kids out without breaking the bank over what can already be an expensive Christmas period.

  1. Fun for free: not all great experiences have to be paid for. We’re expecting a hot, sunny summer so why not take the kids down to the beach or adjacent pools to cool off!

  2. Picnic in the park: with so many beautiful, green spaces dotted around Australia, it would be silly not to utilise them for a family and friends BBQ or play date.

  3. Look out for holiday deals: there are so many excellent opportunities to cut costs during the holidays. The Grown Ups Go Free campaign offers just that every time you buy a box of breakfast cereal!


While the tokens will be available on specially marked cereal boxes until 22 December, the adult vouchers are actually valid until June 2016 so can be used throughout both the Summer and Easter holidays next year.

We think its a great idea too and have bought extra boxes of Kellogs so we have extra vouchers AND we have to do some extra school holiday and Christmas baking! 

You can find out more about the 'Grown Ups Go Free' Campaign with Kelloggs Australia Here




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