}sydney easter show giveaway 

 Hats on Sydney its time for the Easter Show!


Sydneysiders its here again!  The Royal Easter Show, the biggest annual event in the Southern Hemisphere!

2015 Sydney Royal Easter Show Is about to begin

and we have tickets for you!

With something for everyone its an amazing, exciting day for the whole family!

If you like the tradtions you'll love the Grand Parade and the District Displays with the theme being the 100th anniversary of the ANZAC Gallipoli landing by recognising ANZAC men and women in the artworks. So looking forward to that.  The Show Jumping, Rodeo and all the Arts & Crafts competitions will all be there.

Showbags!  Amazingly there are 349 showbags this year!  There is so many to choose from but we've picked the best ones for you.

The CocaCola Carnival will have all the breathtaking and thrill seeking rides and thankfully much more my style the Kids Carnival will also be there full of exciting things for the kids.

Dont forget the Food Dome and the Evenings entertainment line up is fantastic.

So much entertainment all in one exciting place! 

You can check it all out at the Easter Show Website, buy tickets, plan your trip, check out all the attractions!


Thanks to the Sydney Royal Easter Show easter show tickets giveaway

we have FOUR tickets to giveaway!

A Family Pass to the value of $114.20! 


This will give you entry in to Sydney Royal Easter Show and it includes same day return public transport

Sydney Royal Easter Show 26/3/2015 - 8/4/2015. 9am to 9.30pm daily (coca-cola carnival later).


 To enter all you need to do is tell us in the comments below

What is your favourite part of the Sydney Royal Easter Show?

Winner will be drawn on creative merit.

Winner will be chosen and notified on Thursday 26th March at 9.00pm and notified by email address given in entry.




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This is a Game of Skill not a game of chance. Entries not answering the question will be deemed invalid, The winner will be chosen by originality and creative merit, by a non involved party. Judges decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Winners will be drawn 26/03/15 9.00pm AEST and notified on this post on the 26/03/15. We will contact the winner via email. Winner will have 7days to respond or we will redraw. We will try our best to contact the winner but cannot be responsible should the winner not receive the notification within the time frame.

Prizes are not transferable, changeable or redeemable for cash. Prizes will be sent out by Mums Take Five and will not be held responsible in the event that they are stolen, lost or damaged in transit. The prize is four admit one tickets to the 2015 Sydney Royal Easter Show/






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0 # deborah d 2015-03-21 21:16
defintately the fireworks we always stay for those, makes for a long day but they are brilliant
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+1 # Lisa Marie 2015-03-21 21:42
The little yellow fluffy chicks are my favourite part of The Royal Easter Show. They are my earliest memory which I have relived year after year and now I can do the same with my own children
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+1 # Kristina Snowden 2015-03-21 21:44
We have never been to the show but I can guarantee that the animals will be a big hit with my girls. Especially the baby ones
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+1 # Andre 2015-03-21 21:45
my favourite part of the Easter show is the rides. This started when I was 5. My dad took me into the haunted house but I got so scared the staff had to come and escort us out, luckily dad got a refund
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+1 # Sharm 2015-03-21 22:00
show bags, show bags, corn dogs, animals, food tasting and then to end the perfect day the fire works. Boy we just love the royal Easter show.
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0 # nic smith 2015-03-21 22:05
The rides only once a year we have so much fun
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0 # jessie 2015-03-21 22:49
we love the bertie beetle showbags
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+1 # b lorimer 2015-03-21 23:38
So many favourites at the show,the thrill of the rides,the smell of the animals, the amazing produce, the stunt cars,woodchoppi ng,showbags and of course the oohh aahhh at the end of the night watching the fireworks and lazer show. How can you choose just one!! Childhood memories to share with generations to come.
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+1 # ngatokorua orake 2015-03-22 13:11
Is trying to win as much big plush toys to take home yeahhh
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0 # Cecilia Warrick 2015-03-22 15:58
As a mum my favourite part is five minutes to myself! While my brave husband takes the kids on the rides, I relax with a coffee, wave to them and see their smiles, I'm much happier with my feet safely on the ground for a while!
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0 # Vanessa Alsaady 2015-03-22 21:05
All things animals are our favorite!! as a family our fondest memerories are of the many hands on experience you can get involved in from patting the banyard animals to milking a cow or watching the flying pigs. Without them the show wouldn't be the same. Apart from the animals, there is to much to choose, the rides, the showbags, the quirky and unusual things to buy and the yummy taste testing in the fresh food tent and devonshire tea. Really what is there not to like. We also love watching the motorbike tricks and the fireworks. The list could go on its too exciting!!
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0 # TRACEY Lee seckold 2015-03-22 23:09
its the show bag stand wow awesome
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0 # nadine smith 2015-03-23 14:57
Definitely witnessing my kids faces on the rides, being brave on bigger rides, new rides etc. Seeing their faces being able to feed and touch animals. Watching the talent on the different performance stages, and the kids copying the dance moves or attempting tricks. I love the fresh food and the different variety of food (i could eat the day away). I love sitting down at the end of the day seeing the kids go through their show bags, talking about their favourite part of the day, their constant smiles on their chocolate, lolly or fairy floss filled faces and watching the motorbikes and amazing fireworks is a great finish to the special day. I love creating family memories.
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0 # Annabelle 2015-03-23 20:21
I want to see and feel the shrills of laughter and pure joy from my two little daughters since they love easter show so so so much!
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0 # Kate Malone 2015-03-23 20:43
Being able to watch the chick's hatch in the farm nursery. We love that we can experience of watching the eggs crack and rock around.
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0 # R Broughton 2015-03-23 20:43
My favourite part of the show is being able to experience it with my girlfriend and our children. We like to use the day to see, and experience everything possible. Animals, rides, food, shows, the stores in the pavilions showing things we don't see everyday like the magic texters, wax hands, magic tricks and so on. Each year, the kids, my girlfriend and I all get our face painted, sometimes matching, sometimes different (the girls like to match usually). Its a big day, but well worth their smiling faces, tired feet, full tummies and new creative minds from all they seen. Our daughter is well into the "selfie" phase so im sure there will be a tonne taken this year should we win the prize. She said she especially wants to take a selfie at the highest point on the ferris wheel and hopefully with some animals. The showbags are an obvious favourite with our two. My personal goal each year is to attempt to win a plush toy each for my son and girls
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0 # Jody irwin 2015-03-23 20:44
I love the animals and the horse shows
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0 # Eleise 2015-03-23 20:48
The food stands are just so grand, the rides are fierce and fun and a show bag must be done. So much to love to at the Royal Easter Show.
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0 # Eleise 2015-03-23 20:48
The food stands are just so grand, the rides are fierce and fun and a show bag must be done. So much to love to at the Royal Easter Show.
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0 # michelle wang 2015-03-23 22:15
Definitely the kids face when we walk into the entrance/gates into the show. The expression of fantasy, excitement and happiness.
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0 # Nicole smith 2015-03-23 22:50
Taking the kids to the show and seeing the expressions on there faces and hearing what they have to say.The excitement the joy and of course the screams on the rides. The feel of the animals in the farmyard nursery and the frolicking of the baby animal causes the kids to ooh and ash and smile,giggle and laugh. All these things are priceless. The best family day out
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0 # Kylie Clarkin 2015-03-24 08:10
Its the baby animals hall... I remember going to the show as a kid and seeing the ducks in their pond. And all these years later they still have them
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0 # Kylie Clarkin 2015-03-24 08:13
It would have to be the Baby Animals, As a kid I remember seeing the little ducklings going down their slide into the water and now, my kids can enjoy that as well
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0 # Maria Karagiannis 2015-03-24 12:33
My favourite part is when we get Dagwood Dogs, Donuts, & Fairy Floss & eat in in the grandstands watching the shows & performances, & also watching my daughter go on the tea cup ride over & over..
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0 # Rebecca Nguyen 2015-03-24 20:59
Most favourable moment at the Sydney Royal Easter Show was be the atmosphere of the amusement park - the positive vibes, the people, the food, the showbags, the rides, the animals, the performances and the aftermath fireworks! Everything is a favourable moment, definitely an event to go!
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0 # allison mcdonald 2015-03-25 13:03
My most favourit thing about the easter show is learning about all of the animals and seeing everybodies smiley faces.. there ia no dull moment till home time.!
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0 # chantell graham 2015-03-25 15:24
I am in Newcastle I first went to this show last year with 1 of my kids I have 3 in 32 years I had never been to this show so I took my youngest daughter to see what it was like never in my wildest dream did I think it would be so amazing there was everthing to please every age I felt like a kid again like I was in a dream not to say that my daughter mouth was dragging on the ground the whole day as she had never seen nothing like this she loved every bit there is so many great things she still won't stop talking about that day the animals and rides where a great hit something for every kid to see I now hope to give my other two kids a chance to see how amazing a day at this show can be as due to poor heath my kids have missed out for such a long time on sing how amazing this place is a dream to remember
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0 # Natalie Smith 2015-03-25 15:32
The easter show is special for me, i get to spend it with my grandkids. With kids and their technology these days, its great to get them off it and out and about and what better way than the show. Their faces when we walk in there, they just want to do and see absolutely everything straight away, their excitement, the atmosphere, its a wonderful day. Ofcourse they love the rides, showbags, animals. We go into the farm yard nursery every year and some quality time with the beautiful animals. Personally, I love going to the food hall, seeing the display and big picture made of food. I love seeing the smallest pumpkin and largest pumpkin every year. I love walking through the arts and craft hall, seeing the pieces of art adults as well as children have created, paintings, cakes etc. And ofcourse, being a Sydney Roosters fan, i love going to see the prize winning roosters in the animals pavillion.
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0 # Eleanor Harrison 2015-03-25 20:20
I LOVE TO SEE MY CHILDREN GET EXCITED OVER THE SAME THINGS I USE TO LOVE AS A CHILD! The huge slide, show bags and walking thru the cattle pavilion and hearing about our families farming history!
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0 # stephen 2015-03-26 10:43
wood chopping and grand parade
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0 # Elise 2015-03-26 11:13
Every year we love to visit the tremendous Farmers displays - there is something magical about the way they pull together images that are so meaningful using their produce. And my kids get a real kick out of buying a snack from them and shaking hands
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0 # Bas garufi 2015-03-26 19:40
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0 # lisa k 2015-03-26 20:01
great what a great giveaway we love the rides
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0 # ying ying 2015-03-26 20:10
'What do cows drink?' asked my 5 year old. 'Milk of course' answered daddy without much thought. This is why my favourite part of the show is Farm-life education for the whole family!
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0 # MUMS TAKE FIVE 2015-03-26 21:03
Comments Ended

The judge chose Andre and winner has been contacted.
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0 # Nadine Smith 2015-03-26 21:39
Who won? :)
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