Octonauts Live Show 

Explore! Rescue! Protect!  C'mon Octonauts Cadets

Octonauts are ready for rescue mission and they need your help!

Octonauts Live!  Operation Reef Shield

Today we were very lucky to see the new Octonauts Live!  Show and it was great entertainment.

Lots of Movement, Interaction, Singing and Bubbles!

Octonauts deploy a new undersea medical station designed to keep the reef clean and healthy, they discover a problem that threatens the reef dwellers and their home.  An outbreak of spiky and very hungry Crown of Thorns Starfish are on their way to eat the reef!

octonauts live show 2015


The show was really fun and entertaining. It is really interactive and all the kids really got into helping out. 

Lots of singing and dancing which was fun.  We loved the different fish and everyone ooohh'd and ahhh'd during the fish dance after intermission.   

There is lots to look at with fabulous backgrounds and stage props.  There is also lots of bubbles which had the little kids going crazy - lots of fun.

Lots of educational information hidden amongst the entertainment too!

Luckily Captain Barnacles and the crew are there to explore!, rescue! and protect! our Great Barrier Reef.

Check out the Octonauts Live! website here


Octonauts Live! is showing around the country currently thanks to the Life Like Touring Company

Thank you Life Like for the tickets so we could see this great show.  So thrilled to have been able to see the show.













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