Looking to get and about with the kids but don't want to travel too far?

Calmsley Hill City Farm is the perfect outing!

It's not just a fabulous farm you get to experience, it's almost like a zoo with a large variety of animals and lots for them to interact with, feed and touch.

You get a page upon entry with a map, show times and attractions.

We arrived mid morning and left just before 2pm which was perfect for my young ones.

What we did:

  • Fed the animals as we walked through
  • We got to go in and pat goats and sheep in their enclosure 
  • I helped milk a cow. Miss Three wasn't too sure about it but said she'll do it next time
  • Went on a fantastic tractor ride and learnt more about the farm
  • There was a stockwhip show. The adults and kids got to have a go at the end *with some help
  • Working dogs rounded up the sheep. It was amazing to see them in action (This was Mister One's favourite show of the day)
  • We saw a sheep get sheared and at the end we got to take home some of that wool. 
  • Fed some more animals!

We found it reasonably priced, costing us $37 for entry, $2 for a bag of animal feed and $6 for two tickets on the tractor ride.

The staff were great, they gave so much good information that was interesting to both adults and children. They engaged with kids and got them involved in everything.

Bathrooms with change tables, stroller friendly (with wheelchair access). 


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