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If you are a Bradley Cooper or Sienna Miller fan then you will certainly enjoy this movie!  For gastronomical lusting not so much for the workings of a high rating restaurant kitchen then yes for you and  If you are just looking to watch a really enjoyable movie with a bit of everything then this will work for you.

Review 'Burnt' starring Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller

Bradley Cooper stars as Adam Jones who appears in London after disappearing from the Parisenne restaurant scene as a top chef a few years prior. The movie is based on him reestablishing himself, a kitchen and a staff.  There is a vague drug reference hired goons thing that i'm not sure why its there and felt it didn't need to be there. 

Sienna Miller is fabulous, i really enjoyed her part and the other supporting role by Daniel Bruhl is great as well.  There is a couple of parts with Uma Thurman but not a lot. I thought all parts were acted well.

Its an enjoyable movie that i will watch again, really quite enjoyed it. I was expecting more actual food to drool over but i'm happy to drool over Bradley Cooper.

Burnt is available now on DVD thanks to Roadshow and can be found at leading retailers

Burnt Movie Review


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