James May  Cars of the people review

 Another Great Documentary from James May


I do like watching James May's special shows they are always educational to me whether its trains across the towns, Lego houses or plasticine gardens. This new release is another educational experience this time in cars. 

"James May's Cars Of The People" Review

 James Mays Cars of the People Review

Cars of the People delves into the history of cars, the winners and lemons and their place in the longevity of the people moving vehicles.  James shares and oozes his love and not so much love of cars.

He travels through Europe, Russia and then to Japan. There are road tests and challenges and of course ridiculous capers and mishaps that are the Top Gear way. 

James's history and story telling classics are in true character in this three part series. From his stories on dictatorship to the three wheeled vehicles of Britain. The many microcars that all ends in a race in Japan and the third episode is the evolution of the 80s sports car and a race of salesman.

There is of course an unveiling of his "Ultimate" peoples car, the greatest car in history. 

If you're into Top Gear or James May's Doco's then you'll like this, its silly but interesting and we enjoyed it.

Maybe its one for Fathers Day!






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