Our lunchbox picks at Officeworks

Smash are making the school lunch thing super easy again this year with their great back to school 2019 range convienitently located at Officeworks, Spotlight, Big W....and well you can see the stockists here.

We liked the range at Officeworks and thanks to Smash we are able to show you a couple of our back to school faves.


Back to School with Smash and Officeworks


Smash Enterprises'The Fridge'

This was my sons and my pick for the lunch boxes.  I did think it was a bit bulky but he assures me thats good he can get all his food in without being squashed and as he plays alot of sport on those days he can actually keep a smash bottle in there too and have a cooler drink at lunch.  

It says "keeps cool for up to 7 hours" well I'm sure that wasnt on a day over 25 degrees but you know lunch is only four hours away so a few hours of cooler on a hot day is great. Anything to help keep things cooler on a hot day is what we're looking for and the combination of the insulation and the freezer gel packs are ideal for a summers day.
We do like that the icepacks are easily removeable for the freezer at home and then they can be zipped in securely into the lunch box so we dont lose them at school.

"The Fridge" is designed to fit the Nude Food Movers Rubbish Free Lunch Box, The Bento Bite and the Bento Switch up. We've tested and yep it fits all those even the larger Rubbish Free Lunch Box, It will also hold the 500ml Smash water bottle with a lunch kit wrap box or  sandwich box and two snack boxes, and it will also hold the cool "Bento Switch"



 Smash Enterprises 'Bento Switch'

Bento Switch is a cool new lunch for back to school 2019. The Bento Switch has removable and adjustable dividers to create 2,3 or 4 compartments.
It has a removable Cool Skin TM Base that protects from enevitable bumps and drops and the Silicone edged divider creates leak resistant compartments.  Cute lunchbox and great for the child who likes to graze.  Smash Bento Can be found at Officeworks you can view it here.



Smash Enterprises '10 Piece Lunch Pack'

Of course if you are not sure what to get then the 10 piece pack is what you are after. My daughter picked this one for school.  Included in this Lunch box set is 2 snack pockets, 2 snack pots, 1 sandwich box, 2 gel ice packs, a stealth bottle and a spork. Everything is washable and reusable, it holds your snacks, recess and lunch no probs. The handle on top makes it easy to pull out of school bags and the drink bottle holder on the side is handy for little people trying to carry things to their bags.   I like this lunch pack as it has everything you'll need  all in one pack and if you already own some pieces they wll probably fit in this too. Smash 10 piece lunch pack can be found here at Officeworks



Thanks to Smash Enterprises for helping us out with lunchboxes for the new year.  

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