Prepare for the unexpected and don't get caught without

After taking Miss 2 to the doctor’s I thought I’d duck into the shops on the way home quickly. I bought some milk, bread and something for dinner.  Packed the car, kids buckled in, went  to start the car to go home…… and nothing. Flat battery!

Now when I left the house for the doctors I knew it was going to be an all-round 30 minute trip, but I always prepare for extra time as it’s often needed when you have a baby. Before we left I change the kids nappies, gave them their lunch and off we went.


So I have a flat battery. First thing that goes through my mind is that it’s Miss 2 and Mister 5 mnths nap time now! I had timed it all perfectly so they would sleep at the same time when we got home (having them nap at the same time is my everyday goal). Second thought is that Mister 5 mnths is due for a feed. Third is that they will both need a nappy change very soon.

Usually in this situation I would call my Hubby at work and he would be able to come and jump start the car for me, but not this day, of course this would only happen while he is away. With no family here, no friends within a 40 minute drive away, I quickly got on the phone to the road side assistance company and tearfully asked them to prioritise my required service due to having the kids. Even with that they still told me there could be up to a 90 minute wait. 90 minutes with an over tired sick toddler and a tired and hungry baby. I started to panic,  thinking I didn’t have a bottle for Mister 5 mnths or a nappy for Miss 2!

I calmed down I started to think clearly, I remembered I have a backup for everything in the glove box of my car, I will survive this!


What I have in my ‘just in case of emergency’ kit:

$5 in coins - $10 would be even better, this means if you get stuck without fuel, a phone or anything  you know you could buy, then your covered

4 x nappies (2 of each)

Small pack of baby wipes

*1 packet of pre-made formula

1 clean feeding bottle

1 clean dummy with cover

*Mini snacks for Miss 2 (sultanas, fruit bar & a pack of tiny teddies)

*Small bottle of water

1 thin blanket/wrap


Also it’s always a good idea to have a first aid kit in your car at all times. Even if it’s just a mini one, in case of a real emergency. I also add to mine antiseptic liquid, Panadol and extra Band-Aids as these are more commonly used by me/us.

Remember to update your kit as the kids requirements change and if you have room a spare pair of clothes and socks for each child never hurt.

*Now you would need to be aware that heat can damage and spoil some of these items so check them or change them if you think this could have happened.

Are you prepared?  Do you take extras of everything when heading out?


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