We've compiled Daily,Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly list to help you keep your Kitchen Clean and Organised.

Here is Our Monthly list

Monthly Cleaning List

  • Give the oven a good clean inside. If you clean it regularly it doesn’t become a problem.
  • Clean all the seals and the parts in your fridge. The door compartments, shelves, take out the fruit and vegetable draw and wash it out with soapy warm water.  If you have an ice maker or trays take it out and wash that clean too.
  • Clean your dishwasher. There are commercial products and natural remedies use them.
  • Get rid of the junk piles! Sort through the "stuff" and put it away or throw it out. Papers at the end of the bench, stuff that gets put in the drawer or the window sill or on the table. Wherever these problem areas happen try not to do it for the next month.
  • Check the dates in your pantry, sort it all out if it needs doing. Keeping it tidy and organised will make it so much easier.  If it’s a problem area find solutions for it so it stops taking up your time. Could containers help, extra shelves or maybe just keep less food.
  • Check dates and foods in the freezer. Does it need to be thrown out, cook with it tonight or reminder its there.  Reorganise the freezer.
  • Clean your everday appliances well.  Shake out and clean the toaster, clean the grill, clean the sandwich press etc.

 Helpful tips

  • Its not hard to keep a kitchen clean and tidy you just have to organise it well, stick to it and do your daily and weekly cleaning. 
  • It’ll make the monthly and quarterly so much easier.
  • If you have a problem area – sort it out.  Find the problem and make the solution.
  • It will save you so much time.
  • Kids snacks taking over? Take them out of the outer boxes and packaging and store in neat jars or containers. 
  • Is the cutlery always out of control?  Get yourself some cutlery trays or containers for all the drawers and spend the time putting things away in the right spot.
  • Keep the spray cleaning product and a specific cleaning cloth on hand all the time. Get into the habit of cleaning a spill with the spray and cloth.  If the spill is food, raw egg, meat  etc  then use spray and paper towel of disinfectant cloths. 
  • If you haven’t used the tool, appliance, plate, mug whatever it is in the last year. Take it out of the kitchen – throw it out, donate it or put it in box packed and hidden away somewhere. 
  • Its taking up space and making an inefficient space. 
  • Wipe over all the sauce bottles, jam lids, salt and pepper shakers etc every time you put them back.Make it a habit. 
  • Organisation is the key if you need something to help keep the cans of food in order or you need an extra drawer or container in the pantry.  Get one, It will help you keep it clean and sorted. 
  • If something needs to be replaced then look at doing it. Chopping boards for example do come to stage where they need to be replaced. Dont just add another one to the kitchen - replace it.
  • These are just our guidelines, tips and practices. Use them as a guide to work out what works best for you.
  • We say spray cleaner. Use any cleaner you feel comfortable with.  Chemicals or homemade or whatever suits you best.

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