Top Ten Games to play in the car


There are lots of games you can play in the car that don't need props or electronic devices.  They almost all have some form of learning component and they're all pretty fun. 

 Road Trip Car Games For Kids

 I spy

“I spy with my little eye something starting with …T...” There are a few variations like 'I Spy' with colours or shapes is great for younger ones.

 Word Snap

I choose a word and you choose a word that matches or goes together with that word. For example I say “cereal” you say “milk” then I say “spoon” then you say “kitchen” then I say “house” and you say “chimney”. It can go on forever but its fun and some of the things you come up with are really quite funny.

 Cloud Pictures

This is a nice one for younger kids. See what pictures or things you can see in the clouds.

 20 Questions

Pick a theme for instance 'Animals' someone picks an animal and you ask questions till you get enough answers to guess the animal. Then its that person who guessed it right's turn to pick an animal.

 A to Z

Work together and find something that starts with each letter of the alphabet the whole way to your destination. Sometimes we skip a letter and come back to it at the end and sometimes its impossible but fun for a while.

 Name Game

This game you have to spell your name using letters you can see whilst on your trip. Letters from street signs, licence plates, things in the car, car brands where ever you see letters.


We play this with VW beetles and Minis. Whenever you see one you call “Spotto” whoever has the most at the end of the trip wins. We have this ongoing in our car there is never a winner its just an ongoing spotting game. You can use anything you see on your trip, station wagons, buses, flowers.

Find the letter A - A to Z

This game is good if you are driving through a City. Find the letters A to Z on signs, stickers on cars, buildings, number plates.

 Peas or Carrots

This is fun and interesting way to get to know your family or fellow travellers. You start by asking someone which one they like better than the other. Do they like Peas or Carrots? They have to pick one over the other the kids getting into it by picking terrible things for their parents to choose from. Do you like drinking mud or smelling rubbish bins ? Its fun for a while.

 Count to 20

Everyone picks a something. We tend to do types of vehicles like a Ford Ute or a Holden Commodore and its the first to find 20 of their type to win. Sometimes its easier counting stores or windmills pending on where you are driving.

Car Games For Kids


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