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Follow these steps to create a great, low cost party.

When it comes to party planning I don’t think you can ever be too prepared. Yes it’s ok to think about what type of party you'll be throwing months in advance, in fact, that’s one of the best things you can do. 

My Top 10 Tips To Throwing A Great Low Cost Kids Party 

  1. Consider holidays/events, weather and layout of the location when choosing the date, venue, theme and budget.
  2. Think about your budget and the size of your venue. How many guests will you be able to cater for?
  3. Choose a theme. Some themes will be more expensive then others. The less specific and more vague the theme, the cheaper it will generally be.
  4. Make the invitations yourself and if possible hand them out instead of mailing them. If you know someone can’t make it then don’t give them an invite. If everyone you want to invite is on Facebook then you don’t have to make invites at all, just create a Facebook event!
  5. Make as much as you can yourself. Paper wheels, tissue paper pompoms, head circlets, paper flowers, paper chains etc. and make them weeks and weeks in advance over a few days so it’s not overwhelming and is still enjoyable.
  6. Spring clean your house the week or fortnight before the party so you don’t have to hire a cleaner the day before. It also makes cleaning up the next day a breeze.
  7. Source your supplies from the cheapest possible place. Our local shopping centre has two party shops, both have similar products and are very close to each other yet Miss Three’s candle was $3.50 at one store and $2 at the other! I'll keep my $1.50 thank you.
  8. Use what you already have. I involved the trampoline, the sandpit and let kids play with the toys we have. There was a bubble station using all the bubble blowers we've collected/or not lost over the years.
  9. Make activities that involve things you would probably do anyway. Things like “decorate your own cupcake”.
  10. Buy in bulk. I bought the mini bubbles, soft drinks, water bottles and anything else I knew I would use again in bulk.  

To have a budget party you need to have your budget, and stick to it!

Here is a comparison of my two children’s birthday party’s which were held 4 months apart from each other.


 Mister One’s 1st birthday party in October 2013 

Theme: Formula One Ferrari Racing Cars

Total = $830

Miss Three’s 3rd birthday party in February 2014

Theme: Confetti/Pompoms 

 Total = $391


If you would like to know more about either birthday party please leave a comment below.

 What are your party saving tricks?


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