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How to help your child at swimming lessons.


How to help your child at swimming lessons.

Swimming lessons are so important for children, with so much easy access to open bodies of water it is a life skill that we think must learnt as soon as possible.

Sometimes I get asked by parents how they can help with their child with learning to swim. I love it when parents do because I always have something I can share with them about their child and often don't have the opportunity to talk to the parents. Learning to swim can be fun and swimming lessons should be an essential part of your child's week.


Here are some ways you can help your child at swimming lessons.

Stay involved.  As you know kids love to show you their new thing - "watch me watch me".  Sure, take a five minute break for yourself and check your phone, close your eyes, enjoy your coffee etc...  but be present too.  They do look to you to see if you are watching, it would make them so happy and encourage them to do well if they could catch your eye with a big smile and maybe a thumbs up.  

If your young child goes to swimming lessons once a week then they often need reminding before the next lesson what they are learning.  Ask the teacher if there is anything you can practice at home.  If not even just talking to your child in the car on the way to swimming lessons about what they might do today will trigger their memory. Remind them of what they have been doing, ask what they love the most, tell them you love when they do their beautiful kicking legs or something to get them thinking and feeling confident about their swimming lesson.

Are you happy with your child's swimming lessons? Does something bother you?
As a swimming parent and a teacher I'd love to tell you to ASK questions. If you're not totally happy talk to the pool supervisor, a manager or talk to the teacher.  A good teacher/centre should be able to answer your swimming lesson questions and listen to any concerns. Most things can be solved or explained with a little communication.   

Learn to swim kids swimming

Don't give up. Sometimes kids don't like lessons I get that absolutely, but we are talking about an essential life skill.
Continue swimming lessons and be consistent until they can confidently swim in all water conditions including a beach with waves and a deep pool.  If your child really doesn't like swimming lessons find out why, is it a stressful day? are they tired from the day before?, is it too cold at that centre?, is your lesson at nap time? would an indoor or outdoor pool be a better alternative? Does the teacher just not suit you and your child? Find something that will work for you all. A different time or day, a different teacher, a different method or maybe a change of swim centre. Try and find the reasons and talk to the centre to see if they can help.

Go Swimming. I don't mean hop into your child's swimming lesson I mean go swimming with your child at another time. Make it a fun thing you do together.  If you can't swim then you know what, get swimming lessons too. There are lots of adult learn to swim classes around and how proud your kids would be if you learnt to swim too. Its good fun make swimming something fun you share together.
Do you have Olympic aspirations for your swimmer? They won't get there if its not fun. If they hate swimming, you give them negativity or coach from the side of the pool. They are just not going to get there.  Be positive, tell them something good from their session, tell them you love to watch them swim. Make swimming a happy and fun time for them and they'll want to do more and achieve more.


With so many drownings or near drownings in Australia every year the more you can help your child at swimming lessons and help them to be a competent swimmer the better.

Make swimming safe and fun for your family.



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