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Car Travel with the family tips

We do a lot of car travelling as a family and keeping the family happy and entertained for sometimes days of just sitting in the car can be challenging.  Here's some ideas to keep the family busy and get the family to your destination sane.  

Family Road Travel Tips and Belkin Rockstar Giveaway

The Traditional Car Games.

Car games are always a favourite in our car.  The kids love to play with Mum and Dad, although sometimes we're not so keen we always to a couple of rounds to pass some time.  Eye spy is always first its one we can all play, you can see a list of our car games here.

Sing Along.

Have your own Car karaoke! Kids songs and rhymes is usually how it starts - Old MacDonald .....Of course if you have a favourite CD in the car or even use your phone or device to find a play list you like.  You tube or something like apple music or spotify has all the songs you could imagine.  Theres usually a Disney movies playlist we can find where everyone can belt out the songs.

Book CD.

For the times you just need a break! Get yourself a couple of books on CD. There is some great ones available. We have Lenny Henry reading Three little Pigs and Red Riding Hood.  The Jungle Book and we have a set of Roald Dahl stories, read by Roald Dahl which makes them even more exciting read by the author himself.  I've found them online at The Book Depository and our local library has some too.


Depends on the length of our trip to what I take. Sometimes stopping for a meal is a good way to take a break and stretch the legs. Other times we pack a lunch a box for each person and you ration it yourself till we get there. If we are headed a long way I often dont want to stop for each meal or I'm unsure what's on offer on the way I'll pack an esky or cooler bag.  I usually take more snacks than required because it keeps the kids happy.  I take everything from fruit and cut up salad veggies to bags of lollies. small individual serves are better than passing around a large bag of chip expecting it to be eaten fairly after being in the car for six hours. You can see our list of snack ideas here.

Books & Drawing.

I'm not a fan of reading in the car, some people can do it, I feel queasy briefly glancing at a map. When travelling with young kids books with good pictures are great they will flick through books and look at pictures they don't need the words.  As they get a little older puzzle books or joke books are good.   Colouring in books and drawing paper are handy, pack a pencil case and don't forget a sharpener.  Paper can be used for games too like noughts and crosses or hangman.


Yep, devices. We dont use them every trip or even the whole time but sometimes they can be a sanity saver for all. A DVD player, phone, tablet, laptop or kids device like a leappad can buy you hours of quiet time.  Try and plan ahead. We dont watch DVDs anymore so when we do the kids love seeing old favourite movies again, I take the movies out of the covers and just store them in a ziploc bag.  I find playlists and things a couple of days before so when we're in the car I can play one straight away. My kids are currently loving watching Mr Bean old episodes on youtube. Check games and apps before you go so you know what works and what they can do before travel, nothing worse then trying to load a game for the back seat, from the front seat whilst everyone is losing it.  HEADPHONES - get the kids some'll wish you had after three hours of The Wiggles on repeat.  

To keep the devices all working they'll need to be charged of course. Charging one device at a time usually means a phone with the map, so other devices go flat urgh. 

Well thanks to Belkin we have a solution so you can all keep charged and sane.

Tips for family car travel

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Congratualtions John

Keep the kids entertained for the next road trip by keeping their devices charged with Belkin’s Road Rockstar. With a 4 USB Port passenger car charger and a long cable, you can seamlessly charge 4 devices simultaneously whilst on the go. Charging is no longer limited to the front seat passengers with 2 front seat USB ports to charge smartphones at optimum speeds with shared 2.4A, while the extendable hub which clips to the backseat pocket allows passengers to charge 2 tablets simultaneously at 2.4A per port, perfect for watching movies on long road trips!

Ingenious and I wish we had one years ago!

I think of numerous times the tablet when flat or one of our phones (fomo) or they charger is in the front so it has to be charged in the front so they can't use it in the back - arrghhh  

Thanks to Belkin we have a Road Rockstar to giveaway!  
Belkin Road Rockstar: 4-Port Passenger Car Charger RRP $59.95

To enter all you need to do is answer the following question in the comments below:

Whats your tip for keeping everyone entertained on a long car trip?

Car travel ideas


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