tips to a clean bathroom 

A clean bathroom with kids ?!


Is your bathroom in constant need of attention?  Does it seem whenever you walk in the bathroom there is things that need wiping, cleaning, straightening and stuff to be put away?

What are your tricks to keeping your bathroom clean and organised?

Tips To A Clean Bathroom

  • Reduce the accumulation of thing. Keep a draw or space for each person and thats it, if its full clean it out!  Everybody's belongings go into their draw not on the vanity.
  • Whatever you use to keep your bathroom clean, keep the bathroom products and cloths handy. Keep them somewhere in the bathroom for easy access.
  • A little cup for the kids to put their toothbrushes in instead of leaving them lying on the sink making everything toothpasty.
  • Maintenance: wipe down the sink each day, wipe down the bath after the kids have had a bath so it doesn't build up.
  • Leave a window open for a hours each day so it gets well ventilated and mould doesn't build up in the winter months.
  • Use micro fibre cloths to reduce the usage of chemicals - source bath mats made from micro fibre components so they don't stay damp as long.
  • Use soap in liquid and gel forms to reduce soap scum build up.
  • Collect kids toys into a netting bag so they can hang and dry so that toys don't get mould in them, and/or sit in a wet bucket with yucky water in them.
  • Use toilet bombs or cleaners that go in the back of the cistern to maintain a clean toilet bowl.
  • Keep toilet brush in the bathroom for easy cleaning.
  • Keep things off the floor around the toilet  Put in a shelf if you need to.


Extra Touches:

  • Always remember to wipe the tap clean - people always forget that bit and it's a nice touch.
  • When folding the towels over the rails, fold in a 3 part fold so that the tags are enclosed in the middle, and make sure the open ends of the towel are even and facing down (for that hotel touch)

13 Tips to Keeping your bathroom clean


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