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 Help keep your skin beautiful this winter


Healthy Winter Skin

Does your skin dry out in Winter?  Mine does everything is drier, itchier, rougher ....  urgh

Here are some tips to help your skin survive these cold winter months.


Treat yourself to a facial ... an at home facial!

Fuss Free Facial Masks come in boxes of 3 sachets at a very affordable rrp $14.95 and are suitable for all skin types.

This is perfect for a cold winter's night. Pop on your slippers, pour a glass of wine and apply a Fuss Free Facial Mask. There is usually a bit of stuff left over so put that on the backs of your hands, your neck and elbows.  Then relax!   30minutes of relaxation is all you'll need to feel rejuvenated.

There is three different types available:

Moisture and Smooth  -  Carrot Seed and Coconut Oil

Anti-Ageing Antioxidant  -   Moroccan Argan Oil and Vitamin C

Cleanse and Exfoliate  -  Citrus and Pineapple Enzymes

You can find Fuss Free Facials and Wipes at leading pharmacies, Priceline and from their website.





This post has been sponsored by Fuss Free Facials and Essenzza Health.  The topic and words are all our own.