Adult swimming lessons do exist. Did you know?

People are often surprised when I say I teach adult learn to swim.  Teaching adults is very different to teaching children. I know learning to swim as an adult is very different to learning as a child but it doesn't mean it shouldn't be done, everyone should be learning.  
In fact looking at our nations drowning statistics from this summer 2018/19 its pretty scary and I wish more adults would do some lessons.

Whether its because you never learnt to swim, haven't swum for a long time and fear you've forgotten, would like to fix up some skills, would like to do more swimming for exercise or a health professional has suggested you take up swimming there are lots of reasons to do some adult swimming lessons.

Adult swimming teachers should be trained to do so. First step would be to ask if your teacher has been specifically trained.  Some people prefer a male or female teacher, check this with your swimming centre prior to booking if you have a preference.  Also ask what tools you will need to bring, I'd suggest swimming costume, goggles, towel and a water bottle. Some centres may require you to bring your own kick board or flippers depending on the level and the help you are looking for.

Adult Learn To Swim

Often i find those that didn't learn as a child have developed a fear of water or being in a body of water.  For these people I recommend getting some lessons. Have a trained professional help you and guide you in the basics of swimming. There are one on one classes and group classes for adults. If that's not for you then please find a strong swimmer friend who will be there in the water with you to assist you and just someone to be there in case you need help.
Don't swim on your own. The risk of being another statistic is just too high - please don't do it on your own.

What do you learn in a beginner adult learn to swim class ?

Well to start off with your teacher needs to get to know you too so just getting in the water and getting familiar will be first. Be upfront with your teacher tell them of any fears, experiences, injuries or impairments they may need to know about. The first lesson is the tough one but the more you communicate the more they can help you.  Ask questions and tell them what you want to achieve. A good teacher will have answers to your questions and tell you how your lessons will progress.

Your first couple lessons will be about building confidence and getting you ready to swim. Just getting in can be a big step! If you are fearful of the water let your teacher know and they will slow the progression down and give you the required support.

The first few swimming skills are really important and you will see how they will help you further in your swim journey.  Your teacher may begin with teaching you how to breathe when in the water, gliding and how to float. Teachers often have different ways and progressions this is just a guide to give you some information on how you might start. Your teacher will be able to explain their strategy to you.    

Floating is a crucial part of swimming. It will help you with buoyancy in the water, it will help you with streamlining (keeping your body nice and horizontally flat in the water so you move easier), helping your body so it doesn't sink whilst trying to swim and also giving you a life skill if you are in a large pool or ocean and become too tired to swim you can roll to your back to float and rest.
The signal for help in the ocean and in a pool is to float on your back and raise an arm and wave, floating is a skill you should have before attempting any swimming.  

Breathing in air and blowing out into the water is how we breathe when swimming. Breathing in air through our nose and Blowing out bubbles into the water.  Swimming is very restricted if you try to hold your breath when swimming, you will become exhausted very quickly so we breathe in air and then let it out slowly into the water as bubbles.  Its possible to use your mouth of course but your teacher will try to teach you nose breathing in and you should give it a go.

Swimming Lessons for Adults

Adult classes are held all around Australia and with a good instructor you will be swimming in no time!  



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