Meet Karina the author of 'Clean Food, Clear Thinking'


Karina has taken all of her experience and expertise and collated it into her first book, Clean Food, Clear Thinking.  The book proposes that making a permanent change to health doesn't come with a fancy name or a celebrity endorsement: it's about changing your mindset first, paired with clean eating.

Karina firmly believes in empowering people to make changes, and be able to sustain those changes in their lifestyle. She teaches the reader how to change their thinking to eliminate bad habits that have a detrimental effect on our health. She says in order to make a long-term change, it is important to align your health goals with your values, rather than superficial goals such as "fitting into those jeans".

I thank Karina enormously for her time and for being so kind to share her thoughts here on Mums Take Five. 

How to Start 2016 on a Healthy Note

From Karina Francois, naturopath

and author of Clean Food, Clear Thinking

Australians are known to over-indulge over the festive period - in fact, on average, Australians gain around 0.8-1.5kg over the Christmas period.1 But just because it's the party season, doesn't mean that you have to gorge on food and drink this Christmas just for the sake of it, when in reality all you're doing is sabotaging yourself and putting yourself even further behind when the new year rolls around. Here are some tips for how to avoid the Christmas hangover...


Avoid emotional eating

For some people, Christmas time can tend to raise various negative emotions, whether it's due to family issues, stress or other problems. It's important to remember that food isn’t the solution to emotions that may be brought to the surface during this time. It’s natural to feel grief or be overwhelmed over this time.  Allow your feelings to surface and move forward. Engage in something fun throughout the day to take your mind off things, and if possible surround yourself with positive people who support you and your values, rather than bingeing on comfort food.


Mindful eating:

Slow down and pay attention to what food choices you are making, how the food tastes and how it makes you feel after you’ve eaten it.  When we savour our food, we generally eat less.  If you eat to enjoy your food you're likely to maintain sated, rather than scoffing and feeling bloated afterwards.

Have an "all or nothing" attitude:

I witness clients all the time say "Christmas is three weeks away, so I won’t bother until February".  It’s important to eat mindfully and with a healthier approach, regardless of what time of the year it is.  Allow yourself small portions of your favourite foods but don’t feel guilty or deprived when doing it.

DO NOT skip meals:

The subconscious mind doesn’t like to feel deprived.  Some people think that by skipping breakfast, they are leaving more room to gorge later. Don’t "save yourself for later" or skip meals. This sets you up to over eat later on.  Have a healthy filling breakfast like an omelette, and then you won't feel like eating half a cow when you sit down to Christmas lunch!

Make a commitment to yourself:

I don’t know about you, but I hate that over stuffed feeling.  Remember how terrible this feels not only on the day, but also for the days to come.  So make a commitment to yourself not to get to this point.  Make food choices based on how you think you'll feel after you’ve consumed food - for example, if you know that having three courses of carb-loaded food and a Christmas pudding is going to make you feel bloated and uncomfortable afterwards, then either don't eat it, or aim to eat smaller portions.


 Clean Food, Clear Thinking  Karina Francois



I have read Karina's new book Clean Food, Clear Thinking recently and found it very easy to read, simple to understand and really, it all seems common sense now.  Sometimes i guess we just need someone like Karina to point us in the right direction with the right tools and understanding.

If you after some more information,

a little bit more guidance or

would like to have a look at Karina's book pop over here to her website.


Karina Francois  Clean Food Clear Thinking


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