15 Quick Self Care Ideas for Busy Mums

Ideas for a little quick self love

Is time on short almost null supply?   Do you always put everything and everyone before yourself?

Taking a few minutes each day for a little self love can help enormously. It can restore, revitalise, inspire and motivate you to tackle the rest of your day.  

Whether you get to go for a walk in the sunshine, grab a few minutes in the shower alone (before the kids realise your missing) or maybe its waiting till the kids are sleeping to pop your feet into a luxurious foot spa and delve into a good book.   

It is the mental, emotional or physical break that changes your day be conscious of a few minutes in a day and make them yours.


15 Quick Self Care Ideas

  • Take a walk, swim or ride
  • Clean and sort your wardrobe, room or desk
  • Give your self a foot spa or massage
  • Take a shower or bath
  • Do some gardening
  • Read
  • Listen, sing and/or dance to some music
  • Check out a new skill or hobby
  • Turn of all your devices and take a break
  • Watch some TED talks
  • Yoga or even just a few good stretches
  • Meditation or rest for a few minutes
  • Date with a friend
  • Journal or write a snail mail
  • Get a hug

Take a few minutes for self care today

  Self Care Tips for Mums


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