Make sure you have some me time

"Me" time is often an over looked, easily ignored and sometimes just too hard basket period of time that you know you need but just doesn't happen.   Wether you're just too busy, have small kiddies around all the time or maybe just never done it?  You'll feel so much better, refreshed and ready to tackle your next task if you just take a five minutes or heck take an hour to yourself.

Here is our 12 Ideas for your "Me" time, mix it up and do a few and maybe try something new.

 12 "Me" Time Ideas For Mums

Go on a date 

Self Care for Mums 12 Top Ideas for Me time

Call a friend, your partner a family member and go out on a date. If no one can join you that's fine too!   Wether you go enjoy a meal or just a coffee taking a real break in your day will make a difference.   Having a chat and someone else prep, cook and clean after your meal or coffee is a great pick me up.    Try a new cafe or order something you wouldn't normally make/have - treat yourself.       Going out not a great idea?  invite someone over for a coffee or a sandwich.

Call a friend

Calling a friend is a great way to have a break.   Sometimes a five minute chat with a friend is all you need to boost the mood, refresh and make you smile.

Go for a walk

Head into the outdoors.  There are so many parks, beaches, bush walks around the place its a great free way to take a break.   Discover something new,  enjoy nature or maybe your goal is to boost some steps in your daily step count.    If you don't have time for that take five minutes to walk around your block or even just around your back yard.     

Take a drive

I love going for a drive but i do need a goal so I find a cafe to try out of my area or head just out of city and stop in the mountains to window shop.  You don't want a traffic jam kinda drive but a leisurely one.   Play some music or the peace and take a break.

Take a class

There are always lots of options for taking a class! Sports, crafts or skills there's heaps around . Check out your community centre or local library.  If going out is a problem check out a class online!   Learn an instrument - there are so many great music teachers giving free lessons. There is so many online; wood working, paper folding, cooking, whatever you're into.   Check out something new  - Boho Beautiful on you tube does some fab beginner yoga classes on you tube that are only 10 minutes.

Spa time

Head to a spa!  A massage or manicure maybe exactly what you need.   Book in a treatment or maybe you'd love a manicure ?  pretty nails is always a brilliant pick me up.

HoMedics have some brilliant more convenient, at home and much cheaper alternatives to heading to the spa for a massage.   I have a Pedi-Luxe Foot spa with TRU-HEAT and a 3D Shiatsu & Vibration Massage Pillow.  I wish i had these earlier ... like decades earlier.   

I love a foot spa and this is perfect for me, no need to go out, no strangers playing with my feet, so much cheaper and I can have one whenever i feel like it!  I can easily still work on laptop, catch up on a show or just enjoy some peace and quiet whilst having a foot spa.   I love the "Tru -Heat" feature  ahhhhhhhhh so so good,  amazing how some warm water, bubbles and well placed massaging rollers on your tired feet can make your whole body relax,  release tension and make you feel happier and well just feel good.  The HoMedics Pedi-Luxe Foot spa with TRU-HEAT is a 4-in-1 foot spa that features vibration massage, magnetic therapy, and a built-in heater that ensures perfect water temperature to soothe the feet. The Foot Spa comes with four bubble strips for increased relaxation two pedicure attachments (find and coarse pumice stones), and four massage rollers.   Its quiet roomy so if you have big feet  long or wide I'm pretty sure you'll fit in there - I'd share it with my hubby to test but i don't want to share!  

The 3D Shiatsu & Vibration Massage Pillow with heat relaxes and comforts tight muscles around the neck, back and shoulders. It features 3D Technology to deliver circular kneading plus in & out motion for a vibration massage that invigorates and melts away tension. Soothing heat for added comfort and convenient integrated controls foe ease of use.  The whole family is loving MY pillow.  Its so nice after  a busy day to relax


How about a movie?  An hour or two of just sitting and enjoying a movie is a great way to take a break. Grab a coffee and some snacks (that you don't have to share) and watch something YOU want to watch.   If the cinema isn't an option watch a movie at home - record a movie to watch later, rent a DVD or find a movie on your subscription service that you've always wanted to see.  Make your self take an interruption free break for the whole movie.

Bath or shower

Relax in the tub!  If you have kids this can be hard to organise to get interruption free time, seems whenever I even think about a nice long shower or bath for a break the kids appear.   Night time, after the kids are asleep is a great time to head for a soak, no electricals! Take a book or mag, load it up with what ever potions you like and relax.   I find even a nice hot shower with my favourite cleaning goodies is just as good as a bath anything interruption free where i can relax, not think about anything beyond the other side of the shower screen and take some time to look after myself.


Put your feet up!   On the couch, at the park, by the pool or even in bed wherever!   I tend to just read business or technical information - thinks i NEED to read now days.  I have to make the time to read anything else, but its good, i always have heaps of pdfs, goolge newstand and books, audible books, actual books, cookbooks, magazines, printouts and even pinterest boards full of stuff i really want to read one day whatever the mood I have something to suit.  I can pop a movie on for the kids, give them snacks and the box of Lego and take a few minutes on the couch next to them to read (of course if i left the room they'd follow so the couch is fine, I ignore the movie)

Join a charity or volunteer

Its about a little "me" time I know  but often its the giving that makes you feel better.    Sign up for an event - commit to a fun run or something.   Raise money for a charity you love.   Give Blood!    How about volunteering a couple of hours at your child or grand child's school, chat to the teacher see if there is anything you can do.    

Pick up a hobby

Where are your interests?   Do you need to get back to something you love?  Doesnt have to be a big commitment just something you love to do, a way to invest  a little time into your self.   Do you love gardening?    How about  knitting or crochet?  there are plenty of you tube videos if you need a refresher.   Do you like to paint, draw or crafty things ?   Fishing or rock collecting?     Try something new!


Cup of coffee, pot of tea, litre of water or a green smoothie whatever your liquid of choice is stop take a break and enjoy it.   Take your refreshment outside in the sunshine!  Take a flask or a takeaway to the beach or park.   Stop everything else and enjoy a few minutes.

 12 Top Tips for Me time


On our quest to make sure Mums take five minutes for themselves the lovely people from Homedics shared with us some of their wonderful products..  Designed and made for you to relax and rejuvenate in your own home.  Have a look at the Homedics website here    Products available in assorted stockists including Myer, Shaver Shop, Good Guys, Betta Electrical and good retailers.   Phone 03-8756-6500 to confirm stockists.  

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